How to Invest


Fund Information

Portfolio Manager Fungai Tarirah
Launch date: 04-Apr-14
Portfolio Value: R 1.2bn
ISIN Number: ZAE000188140
ASISA Category: Regional - Equity - General
Benchmark: MSCI Emerging Frontier Markets Africa excluding SA index
2017 Income Distribution:
0.52 cpu
2016 Income Distribution: 2.32 cpu
Date of Income Declaration: 28 February / 31 August
Date of Income Payment: 2nd working day of Mar / Sep
Valuation time: 15:00
Transaction time: 14:00
Minimum lump sum: R 10 000
Minimum monthly Investment: R 500

Fee Structure

Annual Service Fee: 1.14 % (Inc. VAT)
Advisory Fee (Max): 3.42% (Inc. VAT)
Annual Advice Fee: 0 - 1.14% (if applicable)
Initial Fee: 0.00% (Incl. VAT)
Performance Fee: 20% of the excess performance above the benchmark, calculated over a 1 year rolling basis, capped at a maximum of 2% p.a.

Risk Profile

Risk Profile
Projected Total Expense Ratio (TER)  
Initial TER 1.51% (Incl. VAT)

Please note: the TER has been calculated applying the initial service charge of the portfolio. The TER is disclosed as % of the average Net Asset Value of the portfolio that were incurred as charges, levies and fees related to the management of the portfolio and underlying portfolios. The TER is adjusted for significant subsequent portfolio restructurings and/or fee changes. A higher TER ratio does not necessarily imply a poor return, nor does a low TER imply a good return. The current TER can not be regarded as an indication of future TER’s.