The Rudiarius BCI Africa Equity Fund

The Rudiarius BCI Africa Equity Fund invests in listed equities on recognised stock exchanges across the African continent, excluding South Africa.

The objective of the Fund is to identify under-priced stocks with an acceptable level of liquidity. The long-term objective is to outperform the chosen benchmark which is the MSCI FM Africa ex-SA Index, and in so doing, generate competitive, risk-adjusted returns over a medium term horizon.

We construct a portfolio of our best investment ideas, without reference to a benchmark, with company valuations driving our stock selection. Currency and policy considerations guide our allocations between countries. It is important that we take a long term view.

The investment team travels frequently across the continent to meet with regulators, policymakers, stockbrokers and company management teams to stay abreast of the business environment and operations of the companies we invest in. we also establish, grow and nurture relationships with people in the different countries and through these links – manage to stay well informed on events and occurrences that may impact the value of our investments.